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Who We Are

CLWC OFFicers.jpg

2023-2024 Canyon Lake Woman's Club Board

right to left: Samantha Gorrell, Bonnie Wade, Karen Wallace, Shelley Carter, Rose Marie Hand, Debra Sacks, Aprile McKinnon, Pam De Bry,
not shown: Tarrie Sullivan, Linda Gavin.

2023-2024 CLWC Board


1st VP Programs

2nd VP Membership

3rd VP Ways & Means 



4th VP Philanthropy





Samantha Gorrell

Aprile McKinnon

Shelley Carter

Pam DeBry

Linda Gavin

Bonnie Wade

Debra Sacks

Karen Wallace

Tarrie Sullivan

Rose Marie Hand

  The Canyon Lake Woman’s Club is a non-profit, non-partisan philanthropic service group that was founded in 1972 and is dedicated to helping others less fortunate.

  We organize several events each year to raise money for our local charities and for educational scholarships for girls and woman that reside in the Lake.

We are an officially recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization which means all of your donations are deductible*.


*Consult your tax professional for the percentage allowed

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