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March 15, 2023
Canyon Lake Senior Center 
23307 Canyon Lake Drive South
Doors open at 9 am for vendor shopping and social time
10 am General Metting
11 am Program


February Presidents Message

Hoping you all have noticed the new "change" in
the Woman's Club. We have voted to move our
meetings to the Senior Center. It worked out great
last month and we think it will be a great blessing
to our club. We look forward to seeing you all
there. You are welcome to bring a snack/breakfast

and a beverage of choice. You can also bring ex-
tra to share with your table if you so choose. I'm

looking forward to seeing how we as a group keep
growing and changing. I'll leave you with an
Irish saying for March. "May your Troubles be
less, and your blessings be more. And nothing but
happiness comes through your door."

With appreciation,

Shawna Bowen

President 2022-2023

Canyon Lake Woman’s Club

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