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Our Facebook Group

We use our FaceBook Group as a sounding board and a place to instantly upload photo's of our events. 

Our page is a secret page on Facebook, which means it cannot be found with a search. Because of this we are unable to post a link to it from this page.

If you would like to join our FaceBook Group you need to befriend an existing member who will add you. You will then be checked by one of our admins to ensure you are a current member. All FaceBook group members are vetted in August of each year to ensure their membership is still current.

Monthly Programs

September 20                

October 16                         Holistic                          Jane Curie                    color: black/orange

November 20                      Auction                                                               color: fall colors

December18                   Christmas Party         Aprile                         color: red & green 

January 15                       Dream Center           Aubrey Masters          color: winter white

February 12                     Veterans Thrift          Terry Russell               color: red

March 18                         History of Women     Jeannette Williams    color: green

April 15                           Members' Crafts                                           color: Easter Hats

May 20                            Wine Tasting                                             color: burgundy

June 19                           Presentation of Awards & Scholarships       color: yellow

General Meetings

Our year runs September through June. We do not hold general meetings in July or August. General meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at the Canyon Lake Country Club.  Meetings are open if you would like to visit and see what we're about.

Doors open at 9:00 am where we have three or four vendor stalls for an hour of shopping, catching up with friends and coffee.

Meeting starts at 10:00 am followed by a break and then a speaker program.

Lunch, which is optional and must be reserved, is immediately following.

Some of the meetings are themed around a Holiday. It's always fun to see the array of witches hats at our October meeting or the wonderful Holiday outfits for our November and December meetings.

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